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I Want Hourly Sheets Support

Hourly Consulting

Perfect if you...

  • Have some experience with Google Sheets already
  • Need specific questions answered quickly
  • Don't want to spend time researching Google Sheets yourself
  • Want a Google Sheets expert to get your project back on track
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I Want To Learn About Sheets

Online Training

Perfect if you...

  • Need to develop your (or your team's) Google Sheets skills
  • Want to organize and automate your own work
  • Prefer to understand the intricacies of Google Sheets
  • Want to master Google Sheets
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I Want You To Build Sheets For Me

Custom Development

Perfect if you...

  • Want an expert to do it right the first time without trial and error
  • Prefer to spend your time on your core business activities
  • Have access to a larger budget (from US$1k to US$10k+)
  • Don't have the time to learn and then develop your own Google Sheets
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Google Sheets consultant?
  • Convenience - You'll save a lot of time. Your questions will be answered by me directly, you won't have to spend time searching for an answer online, and you'll avoid all of the trial and error getting to a solution. As an expert, I'll also be able to offer advice and solutions that you may not have thought of on your own.
  • Financial Clarity - You'll always know what your financial commitment will be without any surprises.
  • Efficiency - I’ve consulted about Google Sheets for many different use cases and industries. By working with me, your team will sidestep the headaches and costly mistakes that come with learning.
  • Expertise - Often, new Google Sheets users will pick up bad habits and won't design systems in an optimal way. This can lead to a solution that's hard to use and manage. Experience allows me to optimize solutions, saving you from trouble down the line and eliminating redundancies.
  • Training - Employers expect their staff to learn Google Sheets on their own. In such cases, it's very common for staff to then misuse the platform and miss key information because they don't know where to look. Not only will I set up a solution for your needs, but I'll teach your team how to use it as well.

I specialize in Google Sheets as I feel it is the best option out there for most people. The Google-backed platform is reliable, trusted, and allows me to create powerful solutions that save businesses hundreds of hours.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a project depends on the specific needs for your project and the outcome it's able to deliver for your business.

To pursue custom development you should be comfortable with a budget of from US$1k for smaller projects up to US$10k+ for complex business automations.

If you're looking to make a smaller investment, I offer hourly consulting services to help you as you build your own solution.

How do I guarantee this will work for me?

If you have a clearly defined problem that Google Sheets can help you to solve, I'm confident I can deliver strong results, just as I have for many happy clients.

How long will it take?

The timeline of solution delivery varies depending on:

  • the specific needs of your project
  • my availability at the time

On average, I try to deliver a completed build in 4-6 weeks.

If I am working at capacity, clients generally wait a week or two before I get started.

I'm not an expert. How do I know I will be able to use it?

There is a lot to know about Google Sheets and Google Workspace.

That's exactly why my service is so valuable.

I build simple, easy-to-use systems that run on autopilot (to whatever extent is possible).

But I don't just build your project and leave you to it. I then invest time showing you how to use it, providing you with detailed video instructions, and making you feel comfortable with your new business tool.

What if something breaks and I can't fix it?

I offer free support for a limited period immediately after development.

Beyond this, your team can complete training to help them develop the ability to diagnose and fix any issues that come up.

I also offer hourly consulting.

How will I train my team?

Depending on the package you buy, I can include additional training calls for your team and provide video instructions you can use for training in the future.

What industries do you consult with?

Due to the widespread popularity of Google Sheets, I see clients in a wide variety of industries who are all happy with the solutions I provide.

I frequently deal with digital agencies because they have a lot of data to deal with and I have a level of technical understanding from work on my own online businesses.

I can't afford to have my project built. Are there cheaper alternatives?

Have you considered hourly consulting?

With a smaller investment I will do my best to get you started and point you towards the necessary resources so you can build your project yourself.

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Stop doing things manually! I'd estimate Kieran's sheets have saved 150-200 hours of manual work so far... and this is only increasing every month as the solutions stay in place.

Scott Evans | Gorilla 360

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