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Hi 👋 I'm Kieran

Photo Of Kieran Dixon - Google Sheets Consultant

I'm a Google Sheets Consultant and Developer.

I help organizations, big and small, empower their teams to get organized and automated using Google Sheets and the Google Workspace environment.

I'd love to learn about your organization and how my training could help!


When you work with me, you're dealing with someone who's flexible and willing to adapt to your requirements. Here are some features of my training:

  • Available anywhere: I offer live, online training which means you can access me from anywhere in the world. If your team is remote, everyone can come together for a fantastic learning experience.
  • As many people as you want: Whether it's one-on-one or for an entire organization I'm happy to tailor training to fit any group size.
  • All experience levels: From people who are using Google Sheets for the very first time through to users who have a preference between VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH, I've got training ready to take any user to the next level.
  • Different durations: Do you want 1 hour for a session on a professional development day or 3 hours of intense training? I leave the decision to you and customize my training to suit.
  • Complete flexibility: I'm more than happy to incorporate live data from your organization to make the training more specific to your needs. I can also cover specific topics in more detail at your request. Just ask.
  • Not just training: With each training session comes documents that you can use to solidify your understanding of core concepts including completed datasets and a training guide.
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Start by telling me about what you need. I'll assess what I can do for you and we can move forward from there.

What people say about me

Photo of my client, Erik Bowden

I was trying to teach myself enough to do the work myself but eventually I knew I needed someone more experienced to help.

Kieran readily demonstrated his knowledge and has good communication skills.

I was impressed by the experience - the friendliness, flexibility, creativity, and attention to detail.

I feel like I lucked out getting to hire you and I'm blown away.

Erik Bowden | Builders for Climate Action


Spreadsheets are used in just about every business on the planet.

Today, Google Sheets takes spreadsheets to the next level by allowing seamless collaboration and connectivity. Your whole team can use a single spreadsheet at the same time with all changes automatically saved and backed up to the cloud.

If you can understand Google Sheets enough to unlock even a fraction of its potential - you gain a sort of superpower.

It allows you to:

  • get things done quicker (e.g. automate report generation and formatting), and
  • see things others can't (through data analysis and visualization)

Process improvements like these can add up to HUGE productivity gains.

Think about this:

Your contribution adds thousands of dollars of value to your organization every week.

A repetitive task that takes 10 minutes every day costs you one week across a year:

10 minutes * 5 business days * 48 business weeks = 2400 minutes = 40 hours

If you could can make that 10-minute task happen automatically, you would instantly save weeks of your time and thousands of dollars for years to come.



I have a lot of data but don't know how to organize it.
Data organization and analysis can be daunting when it just keeps flooding in. Learning how to write effective formulas will get your data working for you, not against you.

I have a spreadsheet that keeps breaking!
Understanding basic spreadsheet concepts will allow you to get ahead of errors before they even happen. When they do, you'll also be able to troubleshoot issues quickly and easily.

I have a lot of time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
Google Sheets provides you with the flexibility to systematize and automate many daily tasks. Learning this potential will allow you to cut down on tedious and repetitive tasks in your day.


Spreadsheet skills are transferable to every industry.

Every time you learn something new about Google Sheets you're adding a tool to your belt that will stay there for the rest of your life.

These tools make you:

  • More employable
  • More valuable
  • More confident
  • Increasingly indispensable
  • Less likely to make mistakes

If you can put in the hard work to become the 'spreadsheet person' in your office you'll be seen as a confident team leader who is working to improve the team's systems, productivity, and skills.

If you manage a team, imagine each of them feeling empowered to independently improve the team's performance.

Grow your people to grow your organization.

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