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Google Sheets Invoice Template [Free]

Do you want to easily create branded invoices in Google Sheets?

Like this one:

shows what a completed invoice looks like when exported as a PDF using this Google Sheets template

Here's the Google Sheets template:

shows what an invoice output by the template looks like
Free Template

Google Sheets Invoice Template

This is a brandable invoice template that automatically updates as you enter the product details.

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How The Invoice Template Works

Invoice Details

In the Variables sheet, you'll find where to enter the details for each invoice:

shows where to enter the invoice details in the template's variables sheet

There are fields for all of the data you'll need to complete an invoice.

In my sheets I like to use the ➜ character to indicate where users should enter data.

Anywhere you see this character, feel free to type in the cell the arrow points to.

'Adjustment' really means discount.

'Notes' are free for you to enter as you require.

If there is no 'Adjustment' (it's $0) or no 'Notes' the relevant sections of the invoice will be removed:

shows how the adjustment and notes sections are automatically hidden when no relevant data is present in the variables sheet of the invoice template

Company Details

Also in the Variables sheet is where you enter your company's details:

shows where to enter the company details in the template's variables sheet

The last field 'Color' is used to brand the Google Sheet itself and the invoice.

Simply enter a valid hexadecimal color code (preferably based on your company's branding) and it will update throughout the sheet:

shows the color of the sheet and invoice template updates when a valid hexadecimal color code is entered in the company details section of the variables sheet

Choose a darker color.

The invoice has white text on top of the color you choose.

If you enter an invalid hex color code, you will receive the following error message:

shows the error message presented to users if they enter an invalid hexadecimal color code in the company details section of the variables sheet of the invoice template

Product Details

Here you can enter your company's products and/or services and list their prices:

shows what the products sheet of the invoice template looks like with mock paper product data entered into it

Then, as you add quantities to the Products sheet, the Invoice sheet automatically updates to reflect the changes:

shows how the invoice template updates automatically when quantities are changes in the products sheet

Invoice PDF

When you're happy with the invoice you've made, go to the Invoice sheet and from there click on the File menu and go to DownloadPDF document (.pdf)

Fill out the export settings as:

  • Export = Current Sheet
  • Paper size = A4
  • Page orientation = Portrait
  • Scale = Fit to page
  • Margins = Custom numbers
shows the settings required to effectively export the invoice template as a pdf from google sheets

Then change the existing margins to zero:

shows how to change custom margins to get the invoice template to look as intended when exported as a pdf

And finally, click on the big EXPORT button in the top right corner.

Your branded invoice is ready to send out as a PDF.

Automation within Google Workspace is incredibly powerful.

There's a range of additional options for this template.

It could automatically:

  • Record a history of completed invoices
  • Name the PDF based on the invoice number and then save it on Google Drive in a folder under the client's name
  • Email the client the invoice directly

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