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COUNT Google Sheets Function [With Quiz]

In Google Sheets the COUNT function counts (shockingly) how many numerical values are contained in the values, cells, or ranges provided as arguments.

Other data types (like text) are ignored.

COUNT Syntax

=COUNT(value1, [value2, ...])

Dates, times, and durations are counted by COUNT because, in Google Sheets, dates and times are just numbers made to look like dates and times.

COUNT Function Example

41 January

The three values counted are:

  1. 1
  2. 1 January (a date)
  3. 00:30 (a duration)

The arguments to COUNT can be provided as values (numbers or text), cell references, or range references:


COUNT Errors

There is an interesting anomaly in the COUNT function that is unlikely to cause you too many issues.

If you include boolean data as a value it is counted.

If you include boolean data in a cell or range reference it is not counted.


It's a bit of a strange feature.

Outside of this, the COUNT function is incredibly resilient. It will output effectively even when inputs include blank cells, errors, and text (each of these counts as 0 to the output total).

The only error I could cause with COUNT was not including any arguments:


Which results in an #N/A error:

Wrong number of arguments to COUNT. Expected at least 1 arguments, but got 0 arguments.

COUNT Function Quiz

Here's a quick summary of how to use the quiz spreadsheet:

  1. Select the required cell while the formula bar is empty
  2. Type your answer in the formula bar
  3. You can click on the spreadsheet to add cell/range references

Complete all questions to solidify your understanding of the COUNT function.

COUNT Function Exercises
Enter a formula for each question in the formula bar for the spreadsheet below.
1. Sales
In cell C2, enter a formula that counts how many sales were made using a single range reference. Remember to start your formula with '='.
2. All Numbers
In cell D2, enter a formula that counts how many numbers are present in columns A, B, and C using a single range reference. Make your formula flexible so it can count numbers that might be added in the future.
1SalespersonAmount# Sales# Numbers
Click Here When Complete


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Google Sheets Cheat Sheet

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